Browsers reacting to human error… IE wins!

In Firefox (with the Google tool bar activated), if you enter an address with ” http://” missing the colon mark, you’re redirected to the Wikipidia page which explains Hypertext Transfer Protocol. I was going to put this down to a programmer being smart, but on second thought the browser is likely not seeing past the forward slash, thus just see “http” and searches such.

In Chrome, the browser is programmed as to react to the lack of a http:// so you mistaking end up with, for example, http://http//

Internet Explore is the nearist to making up for the error of leaving out the colon, it inorges the “http//” and just serches the rest of the address. So, you end up with a google result of the site your were looking for. Althought it should be noted that I reacted with an automatic palm to my face (aka facepalm) when there was a typical slow down using IE compared to the experance of using the other browsers.