Could celebrities kill the media obsessed with them?

John Cleese, on Twitter (it is apparently the John Cleese), has two comments on a Daily Mail article about celebrities using Twiter, he says:

Daily Mail Cottons onto Twitter Shock! they of course hate the fact we chat and interact without them, don’t they?

And, adds:

The thing is that the press and trad media have had a virtual monopoly for a long time.. it must hurt them to see it vanishing pfffffffft!!

Blogging (Cleese also has a blog) and having your own domain name has been already been mentioned for years as a way of any famous person or business person, or businesses,  to have a direct public reach. But is it wishful thinking that celebrities them selves could seriously harm the red tops, magazines and blogs which are obsessed with celebrities? Or could it make them even more aggressive and (subjectively) distasteful?

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  • I think there are a lot of misconceptions about how blogging/twitter will change the media when (if?) it goes mainstream.

    The chances are newspapers, in whatever way they produce (online/print) will still be the place that people get their news/gossip in ten years time. The more blogs people develop, the more websites there will be, the more diluted searches become, the less chance the public have of finding exact what theyre after, thats where journos come in. Celebrity stories will still appear, many of them probably still based on “questionable sources” i.e. lies on tabloid’s websites.

    Blogs will be become a more efficient way for the victims of these stories, celebs, pseudo-celebs and maybe even the average Joe who finds himself under a redtop to refute the “facts” included in these stories. Basically they’ll be doing the job of a PR or agent. Notably, they’ll also make celebs much more accessible to fans… and tabloid hacks… if doorstepping is annoying for celebs, the Sun/Mirror/Mail spamming/hacking your blog until you have to give in and speak to them – thereby ruining the relationship with your fans – would be just as annoying in a few years time.

    Celebs might think by blogging they’re by-passing the media, but personally I think it’s the opposite.

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