Bin and post parked in the cycle lane

Dublin’s cycle tracks

Bin and post parked in the cycle lane

Nearly forgot to mention this here, a mixture of what I’ve written else where on this: Documenting Dublin’s cycle tracks/lanes/paths is something I’ve been thinking about his for a while…

It may be prompted now by my interaction with motorists and multi-lane roads on my new commute to DCU sky-rocketing compared to my last year commute to Ballyfermot, but it has been in my mind since the DTO published their maps of apparent cycle lanes in Dublin. Getting a new recently helps too.

The Dublin Transportation Office (DTO) has published maps of cycle tracks in Dublin. They said: “These maps are not a representation of the quality of or safety along these routes… Indicated cycle routes are correct as from summer 2007.”  The group was set up to show exactly how unusable and how dangerous some of these lanes are due to poor or dangerous design, lack of maintenance, and cars parking and stopping on them. The Transportation Office maps also list normal bus lanes — often without enough room for a bus and a bicycle — as cycle lanes. The DTO’s maps do not show reality.

The public flickr group, if anybody is interisted in contributing photographs, is here:

And the group’s map is here:

For those who don’t know about flickr, you can get a free account, upload images, place them on a map, and then add them to the group.  But free accounts have limits — there a upload limit of 100MB each calendar month and you can only store 200 photos (if you upload more the old ones are hidden until you upgrade)… but that’s not too bad for free.

But, if you want, you can also contribute info, such as the location of…

  • dangerous, useless, and poorly designed cycle lanes
  • poorly maintained cycle lanes
  • lanes where cars are always parked (by design or not)

The main point of this is highlighting the bad and the ugly. I also started a thread on’s cycling board here.

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  • Our cycle lanes are a total joke, and just go to show how the get-out-of-your-cars campaign has very little sincerity behind it. Has the DTO ever visited cities where the cycle lanes are used by the majority? The cycle lanes should be on the bloody footpath, NOT in death-trap of a red strip on the side of the road!!!

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