Glass journalism

UPDATE: A quick note on this just to be clear: When writing the below, I was thinking about two events I’ve had to deal when others did wrong,  and, I suppose, I was also thinking about events I’ve written about, here. In some of the cases, I’m still unsure if there was wrong doing or not. With both, I’m not recapping here.

Glass journalism. In other words fiction writing posing as journalism. Or, just as bad, adding fiction to otherwise sound journalism.

As I was watching the film on Stephen Glass, Shattered Glass (2003), I think my blood was boiling. Good film. But it brings memories to mind of events I wish I never had to deal with, and can only hope I never have to again.

Outside of serious crime, if there’s one thing I can’t stand is hacks who can’t tell the truth. Or, generally, people who can’t put up their hand and admit guilt, admit they were wrong, or admit they did wrong. Those who dig deeper.



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