“I can’t have a Garda member sitting in every living room in the country” – Garda Commissioner


In an interview with the Irish Times‘  Conor Lally yesterday Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy, said: “I can’t have a Garda member sitting in every living room in the country.”

Government policy against alcohol consumption has led to this.

Anti-alcohol moves in recent years have been short sighted. Measures including making alcohol more expensive, shorting closing hours, and imposing massive price hikes on late licences, have all made drinking at home more attractive. The anti-drink laws also fuelled the trend of people drinking before they go out as to spend less in pubs where the cost of drink is far greater.

The affect is brushing the problem under the carpet. Under the carpet, as such, there are no bouncers, there is no CCTV, and the nearest Garda is likely further away. You can also drink as much as you have. The anti-drink lobby and TDs who went along with them have a lot to answer for.

Banning drinking in public is another example of using the wrong tool. I’ve heard TDs and councillors saying it’s to tackle under-age drinking, others saying it’s to stop public order offences… were those not covered by other laws? The majority of EU states manage to live without such bans.

So much for progress.