Six-step guide to ‘justifying atrocities’, no hypocrites please

Fintan O’Toole gave a “Six-step guide to ‘justifying atrocities‘” in the Irish Times yesterday, the question is who is he talking about at the end of the article, here:

The only restriction on the use of this six-step programme is that it is best not used by those who have criticised such devices in the past. If, for example, you spent many years exposing the sickening hypocrisy and evasion of the IRA in relation to its atrocities against civilians during the Troubles, it is probably best not to deploy the same linguistic manoeuvres in defence of Israel’s attacks on Gaza. In such circumstances, if you can’t be consistent, it is probably best to be silent.

Or more so, what he is saying sounds ok up until you remember most people who fit the above description have always seen state murder as nothing to write home about. With these people there was always a ” sickening hypocrisy.” Some were just blind to it.