Yellow high-vis vests for all pedestrians everywhere?

From a thread I stated on the commuting and transport section of The stats could be seen as to suggest pedestrians in urban areas could benefit far, far, far more from high vis than cyclists… so, why isn’t there a push in that direction?

All quotes from the RSA’s Road Collisions Facts 2007 (PDF).

First, the majority of pedestrians were killed in the hours of darkness:

Seven out of 10 pedestrians were killed in the hours of darkness.

And majority were killed inside built up areas:

Fifty-eight per cent of pedestrians were killed inside a built up area.

In actual numbers, pedestrians are massively more at risk than cyclists, and motorcyclists are also notably more at risk than cyclists:

2 in 5 of those who died on our roads in 2007 were vulnerable road users
1 in 5 were pedestrians
3 in 30 were motorcyclists
1 in 30 were pedalcyclists

Also note that 3 in 5 of those who died were not “vulnerable road users” (sic).

So, why are pedestrians not being hounded to wear high vis while walking around town?