Broadband speeds

In the last month spending more time at home than normal I’ve noticed a number of time speed has dropped well below 1mb on my “up to” 3mb Eircom broadband line. The internet feels slower than back in ISDN days… not really, wasn’t used to YouTube on demand back then, but relatively slower.

By turning off wireless and going cabled for a while, I even ruled out my paranoid idea that somebody hacked my wireless.

Why does the internet in Ireland feel like one step forward, one step back, all at the same time?

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  • hey Cian — I had similar experiences; I measured it repeatedly and it typically showed up at around 600-700kbps for a supposedly “up to” 3Mbps line in D11.

    I’ve since switched to Magnet’s 10mbps offering and am getting 5Mbps measured speed. MUCH better, and cheaper too. strongly recommended if you have coverage there…

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