Sky Player, it’s no Four on Demand

Since reviewing Channel 4 on Demand, 4oD, (which is free, is available from Ireland, and has loads of free content) about a year ago for ENN, I’m now also using Sky’s online  on-demand service.

With the Sky Player you can buy programs if you’re not a subscriber, but it’s really a service for Sky subscribers. But even for subscribers there’s little content. Compared to Sky, 4oD has a ton of free 30 day catch up and archive content. It’s still good if you miss an epsiod of Lost or 24.

One thing Sky has which is unadvaiable on 4oD is live TV. Depending on which packages, Sky News, MTV, the Sky Sports, Eurosport, some children’s channles and National Geographic are advaiable. No Sky One tho. The live streaming working better than I expected (unless my “up to” 3mb eircom broadband is acting up).