That other crazy U2 comment

From the U2 interview published in the Irish Times yesterday, besides Bono’s defence of tax avoidance, here’s the other crazy comment:

“The CD is dying and what’s replaced it is the pure download and that’s not good enough for me. We’re hoping to change that.

“When people get hooked up digitally, we want to have a whole new bunch of material that you can play on your TV as the album plays. We have it a bit on this album with an Anton Corbjin film that plays on your screen as a visual accompaniment to the music. I got that idea when I was playing my iPod through my TV one day. The screen was blank and I thought there must be a way of filling it with content that relates to the music.”

I’m one of those crazies who agree “The experience of buying an album used to be part of the pleasure of the listening experience,” one of those crazies who still buys CDs.

But they are “hoping to change” the trend towards downloads?

Err… what now?