Reichstag building

Those pesky anti-EU Germans

Reichstag building

Major focus on the Irish Times poll results that there has been a ‘Major swing in favour of Lisbon treaty as 51% would now vote Yes.’

But as a report in the same paper last week, which passed quietly by in the international news pages, shows it’s not only anti-EU nuts who are asking hard questions about the treaty:

At the second and final day of oral hearings at the constitutional court in Karlsruhe, the eight presiding judges asked government counsel pointed questions about the democratic consequences of ratification.

The judges, according to the article, should have decided if the Lisbon treaty conflicts with the Basic Law (the German constitution, in all but name) sometime early in the summer.

Now, who on the Yes side are going to start calling the German court names, and calling Germany anti-EU? No takes? No, I didn’t think so.