22km today


Only did 22km today.  Good I suppose as an add-on to the 40km+ on Friday.  And a lot of it was more of a stop-start nature compared to along the coast two days ago.

Didn’t feel like doing laps of the park so left it and went back towards the city via the Navan Road and to the Docklands. It’s about the same as going from one end of the main ave in the park to the other six times. All was at full hog, bar about 2km talking to another cyclist. And talking about full speed, good thing my breaks are working well.

The plan here is lose the weigh I’ve gained at different points in the last 10 years, then go back to little more than normal commuting and weekend cycling. I’ve no wish of being super fit or get into racing cycling or anything such as that, just fed up of being over weigh.

What else am I doing? Not a massive lot, but a bit. I hope enough. Eating a bit more health food in the canteen in DCU. Cut back on fast food, but I’m not going to say cut out. Went back to eating food rather than consuming it, which normally leads to over eating… I hate the Irish mentality of “finish your dinner” which is built into my mind. Also continued to drink more water and less coke etc.

Note to self: Exclude normal commute from these posts, and buy weighing scales.

Why blog about this? Besides liking ranting on my blog, it’s a bit of an incentive to keep it up. I have being doing this in stints before, but have let it go by the wayside. Since the start of the year I’ve built my fitness up slighlty, but to a point I’ve being at before, so, this time, I want to build on it.