NRA's Eastern Bypass

Eastern Dublin bypass report shows National Roads Authority needs fixing, if not sniping

NRA's Eastern Bypass

(VIA Above are artist impression images of the National Roads Authority’s proposed Eastern Bypass across part of Dublin bay.

The over ground option of the bypass would, from the south end of the M50, cut through a large part of south Dublin, cut through the bay as above, cut through the south Docklands which is being transformed largely into a residential area, then cut across the river and through the main and north section of Dublin Port which is also — in the longer term — proposed to be offices and homes.

In light the Department of Transport apparently going greener under Minister Dempsey, and government policy also generally going the same way with a push by the Green Party, how did this report every see the light of day?

The answer is likely largely due to having agencies such as the National Roads Authority (NRA) in place in the first place – they need to push projects that aren’t needed and are against general government policy because they have to justify their existence.

A larger all-in-one transport authority is better for this among other reasons – it’s focus is not just on a limited area such as roads. The bigger picture is looked at. As Cuffe says:

“It is incredible that the NRA can produce a Report almost one hundred pages long in 2009 with only a passing reference to climate change. The Report also acknowledges that the Eastern Bypass may lead to the transfer of people from public transport into cars (Page 79). How many more Reports do we need to show that more roads are not the solution to transport issues in urban areas.

“This report deserves to be binned. I intend writing to my colleague Noel Dempsey, the Minister for Transport, and request him to look again at the terms of reference of the NRA so that this type of approach is not repeated. It is anachronistic that tax-payers money has been spent on such a document”.

Maybe, now that most of the motorway network is built, An Bord Snip should take a keen interest in the NRA?

NRA's Eastern Bypass