Mid-life crisis at 25, so, does that mean I’m only going to live until 50? Or 102 reasons why I’m a cynic but still love the world…

In other news…

Tried to set up a second regular publication along with a journalism society in DCU, and failed. The committee in charge said they don’t think the uni can support another publication.

For the record, DCU has one newspaper that comes out once a month. Compare that to UCD where there are two papers which print on a fortnightly bases. Even taking into account of the larger size of the latter, one publication at DCU for every four at UCD is a joke since DCU is packed with journalism and other media students.

Also tried my hand at changing things from within the College View. Went for joint editor, failed.

So, you’re getting a better picture of the mid-life nonsense in the post title then?

It gets better.

I’m also getting heavily disillusioned, or cynical towards, Irish journalism. Blurred Keys and a general unhealthy interest in media news has made me hyper aware of the shit that goes on.

Same goes for the kind of people who recycle and think they are brilliant for it but still drive everywhere. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was set up when I was five years old. So, give me a fucking break.

And on the subject of denial and delusions, exercise is making me acutely aware that I’m still overweight.

Another reason I’m so bloody cynical is I think about this kind of stuff too much. Like people talk about wars starting and ending, I think: “Yeah, but there’s been conflict non-stop on one level or another for the whole of my life.” One of my most prominent early memories is, depressingly, hearing about war a radio news bulletin.

No, I’m not talking world peace, I’m – apparently – too cynical for such thoughts. Things should and could be much better, but, for example, the Blue Berets are still operating in places with both hands behind their back. No reform even after the troops have in a number of cases let genocide happen because of strict rules they operate under.

And I still haven’t mentioned the recession or homelessness, but I think I may just be able to sleep now that I got all of that out.