The joys of allnighters

Haven’t been in the living room for more than 30 seconds since Thursday night… well, it ended Friday morning sometime a little after 11.10am. ‘It’ being the first allnighter in, thankfully, sometime. It was 2,695 words to be exact, while rereading far more than that again.

The allnighter wasn’t planned – the plan was maybe finish around 2.30am, 3am at the latest. Get sleep. Get up in loads of time. Head into college. Read over the assignment – edit it, clean it up. Even make it better. Have loads of time before the midday deadline.

Ended up starting later than expected. Far later. Then – worst still – losing a ton of work while just about half way finished didn’t help matters. Brilliant.

So. It ended something like this: Write, drink some coke (don’t drink coffee, may need to start), write, drink, write, take a break, fall asleep (accidentally), wash face, write, edit, write, edit, wash face, run, get taxi, tell taxi driver what freelancing is, agree it is a bit like taxi driving (at least in ways), trot out ‘hiding from recession in college’ line for 100th time, pay, run, run, logon, get told to leave room because there’s a class on, print quickly, get lend of pen, sign, run, drop assignment in submission box. Made it in time, just.

Why soccer was played after this rather than going home to bed is a mystery. It wasn’t like I hadn’t already over excised in the seven days before this. It was fun tho. Anyway, the living room, nothing moved since the other night.

Ok, it would be more freaky if stuff was moved. And it’s not like there was time to clean up before leaving, nor was there the incline before heading to bed in the evening, but it has acted as a bad reminder. What a week, I guess.