Those funny old caption writers

The caption writers on the photo galleries on would be hated by our politicians here in Ireland. Apparently our politicians think a lot of them selves and, oh, think strange things like everybody must respect them. What a strange bunch.

Anyway, those Guardian caption writes have funny bones. For example on a ‘G20 partners’ photo gallery:

USA: Michelle Obama
Married to that nice chap. You know, thingy.

India: Gursharan Kaur
Described as “devoutly religious [and] with a melodious voice”, she is well known among Delhi’s Sikh community for her performances of traditional Sikh chanting. Rumours of a turn on Singstar after dinner as yet unconfirmed.

France NOT COMING Carla Bruni
That’s right, no Carla. Apparently she was determined that when she first met Michelle Obama it would be on French soil, just the two of them, none of those other dumpy women in cerise suits getting in the way. Or that might all be rubbish. Either way, she’s a no-show.