Dublin city marketing cycling!

Dublin City Council markets cycling

Dublin city marketing cycling!

So, as with Transport for London before it, Dublin City Council are now marketing normal cycling. As the advert (below, with glare / reflections), shows a young woman cycling without any gear. It reads: “easy rider! … cycling n the city, fast, convenient & free!”.

So, for Dublin city at least, my recent post “Want to promote cycling in Ireland? Marketing it, and stop the scaremongering” was a bit premature.  There seems to be at least some in the city council who already understand the need for marketing.

The advert is currently appearing on Jcdecaux’s ‘Metropanels’ which are part of the rental bikes for ads deal. The bikes have been delayed again, but look to be now firmly due in September. The council told The Irish Times this week: “We plan to have staff from the council and JC Decaux all heading off together from the Civic Offices on the 450 bikes and dispersing to the designated locations. We’ll be closing some streets for it, so we’ve deliberately doing it early on a Sunday… The only thing on on the 13th [of September] is the camogie final, but that’s not until the afternoon and we’re planning our event for the morning,”


  • I saw one of those posters in the Jervis Street area. Very good to see a campaign like this, after many years of cycling being made to seem like a penance or a folly.

    In fact, so low is the emphasis on “safety equipment” in this poster that the girl seems to be bare-footed!

  • Actually, I passed it again today. She’s wearing flip-flops. Still, far from the usual depiction of cyclists.

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