Ikea Dublin

Photo round-up

From flickr.com/photos/cianginty/:

Ikea Dublin

Ikea Dublin

Ballymun under a rainbow

Rainbow over Ballymun

College Green "bus gate"

Garda turning motorists and moterbikers around at the  rush hour ‘bus gate’ on College Green in central Dublin.

Flat Earth News (the summary?)

Flat Earth News

"I like potatoes"

Sparky likes potatoes — ok, so she just sees it as a type of stick or stone.

Seats are not for feet

Seats are for bums.

Irish Rail menu

Hot food back on the menu on Irish trains — or even menus back on the menu trains.

Dublin's Italian Quarter

Dublin’s Italian Quarter, on the north side, between Temple Bar and Jevis shopping centre and Luas stop.