Reason Bertie got artists’ tax exemption?

The reason Bertie got artists’ tax exemption, as explained in The Irish Times letters page the other day:

Bertie Ahern’s tax perk

Madam, – When I wrote a biography of Brendan Bracken I was denied the artists’ tax exemption by the Revenue because a biography, being a recital of facts, did not rank as an original and creative work. Are we to infer from their determination in relation to Mr Ahern’s memoirs that they are fiction? – Yours, etc,

Strand Road,
Dublin 4.

Dublinbikes first day

2009: A good year for cycling in Ireland?

Dublinbikes first day
Cycling is in fashion, even in Ireland. There has been a number of  signs of continued growth in cycling here this year. The phrase “On your bike!” started to be sicking. Sub editors showed they never read newspapers, with ‘on your bike’ appearing in headlines again and again on some of the many cycling articles this year, even on an Irish Times editorial.

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