Irish Labour Party more Lib Dem than Labour

Irish Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore

Bit late to blog on this, but anyway… Some interesting talk was coming from Irish Labour Party members — on twitter and elsewhere — about the Liberal Democrats back at the time of the UK elections.

The Labour Party, or at least members at different levels, seem oblivious to the similarities with their party and the Lib Dems. First, both have been the third party in mostly two-party systems. But more striking is their policy positions.

BEFORE READING FURTHER: If you’ve never heard of the Political Compass before then read their homepage. It’s mantra is that the old left-right scale is not enough, more is explained after you take the time to test yourself — you never know, you might be miles away from the political party you think you like.

The highly respected (and highly dated looking) puts the Irish Labour Party, as of the 2007 elections, closer to the Lib Dems than most other parties in the UK.

Photo: Labour Party, some rights reserved.