More proof Docklands authority should be abolished

Ok, so, Frank McDonald gave far more comprehensive reasons in The Irish Times, but this kind of thing shows signs of dysfunctional thinking…

Why on earth does the Dublin Docklands Development Authority think people at the Docklands Maritime Festival these signs at pedestrian crossings?

The event also used the barriers, as shown below, all along the docklands. Penning in pedestrians where there is no need to, even along very quite roads along the south docklands. Other countries or even many Irish local authorities would close off parking spaces and parts of road if needed where there is going to be a mass of people at a festival. What a waste of time and money, no matter how small.

And blocking part of a tactile pedestrian crossing — as below — must be against the disability acts and simply dangerous or at least an unnecessary inconvenience for disabled people. That side of the crossing which is blocked is the side a blind person would be more likely standing.

And this isn’t the only sign of dysfunctional thinking — remember, it’s the agency which stands over trying to ban photography in the IFSC (a large area of the Docklands, not just the IFSC building), and told me it would prefer if anybody wants to take photos in the rest of the docklands they should ask first. The Dublin Docklands Development Authority also have created some of the most dysfunctional cycle lanes on straight and large streets in Dublin, which is really saying something.