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Road Safety Authority’s promotion of helmets

Different headgear
My first Access to Information on the Environment request was successful. The request took advantage of the wide range of the definition of environmental information, it was as follows:

Under the Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) regulations, S.I. No. 133 of 2007, I am seeking all research on which the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has based its advice that cyclists should wear a helmet.

If the RSA cannot provide the above because it is third-party research which the RSA does not hold the copyright to, then this request should be viewed as a request to provide the details of the above information (ie title of the research, name/s of author/s, date/s published, volume and issue numbers, publications in which such were published etc).

It is preferred if this information is given in electronic format (plain text, word, PDF etc) and send by email. Otherwise in the same type of format sent on CD or DVD to below postal address.

[my contact details]

Strange request most people may think, but the bicycle helmets issue is a heated subjected among cyclists. The released information and discussion on it is here.

My main point on this topic, as mention in the discussion, is that:

it’s wrong that such agencies are spending public money on what makes them be seen to promote safety rather than promoting actual proven safe cycling methods. And given the RSA’s position, further public money is spent by other agencies, departments, local authorities etc which follow the advice. Money which could be spent on cycle training or just providing better advice.