Other stuff*

This blog in the last while have been taken over by my AIE request on Irish Rail speeds, but I am at other stuff. Not everything will go to appeal, by using AIE you can get things notable and not so notable that you may not be given otherwise, see my AIE guide here.

Keep an eye on DublinObserver.com at least once a week if you have an interest in Dublin news.

On FOI and AIE: Here and there I should be uploading some updates, mostly small bits which are not online. And I’m working on new requests. For example, I have just submitted a request for data and contracts on Dublin Bikes under AIE, and under FOI — the city manager’s diaries, the Dublin City Council’s FOI logs, and their expenses database (thanks to Gavin at thestory.ie for pushing me to do the latter, and for letting me nick his preemptive defences for the same).

* must try harder on post titles