Resizing The Irish Times – survey results

A while ago I asked people to fill in a survey on what they think of resizing The Irish Times,  and said I would publish the results….

It was a smaller part of my final project for a BA in Journalism at DCU. As I knew before, I can’t publish my mock-ups for copyright reasons (don’t have permission from the paper, photographers etc) and I’ll hold off from publishing my report until it’s graded.

The survey was conducted using The link to the survey was spread by using, a number of twitter accounts, on a few Facebook accounts, and it was emailed to a limited number of people.

There were 165 respondents. put the total who completed the survey at 128  (77.6%), but if you exclude the two open-ended questions at the end, 151 completed the main questions. Here’s the results:

Response summary

Response summary with open ended answers
Webpage or PDF

Response by main age brackets*

* = other age brackets were of small numbers, see age brackets in main results