Recent updates

As I seem to be using Twitter for many links I would usually put on this blog, here’s some of the recent Twitter updates from @cianginty:

  • ‘Taoiseach in High Court challenge to release Cabinet CO2 document’… …Getting a look at the minutes of Cabinet discussions on Ireland’s emissions would be interisting to say the least
  • UK universities told to cutting emissions 50% by 2020 against 1990 levels, and 80% by 2050 > Will the same happen here?
  • ‘2 million Irish voters vs 100 million’, French Euro minister is quoted as saying by France24. Does he remember how the French people voted?
  • Does anybody know why existing customer are unable to buy iPhones from 02’s website?
  • LINK FAIL: Electric Picnic newsletter with no link to the website or where one could buy tickets.

Music videos – sometimes the fans do it better


MGMT, formally known as Management, don’t seam to have an official video for ‘Kids,’ but the above directed by Jon Salmon is a great example of an unofficial video on YouTube . A good few people look to think it’s the official video, but it’s not. On the video’s page Salmon says:

This is an unofficial video for MGMT. The guy and the girl are not MGMT.

However, though I can’t say much, you can expect to see the guy and the girl in this video in the OFFICIAL vid for MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, coming out in a few weeks.

Thank you all so much for passing this on to your friends. I was there when the band themselves saw the video this past weekend (and really liked it) and it’s only because of your encouragement that it was all possible.

Hope you enjoyed, expect more soon

The two do appear in the official ‘Electric Feel’ video, or maybe their look-alikes do, but Salmon’s efforts are far superior. The main two guys in the ‘Electric Feel’ video — presumable MGMT? — might be more official. The two in the unofficial ‘Kids’ video beats them hands down, I think it’s the open display of passion. The same can be said for the style of the video. Sometimes the fans just do it better.

Crystal Castles @ Cuba, Galway

One of my favourite photos I’ve shot in 2008

Crystal Castles @ Cuba, Galway

The above shot of Alice Glass from Crystal Castles when they played ‘Cuba’ in Galway is one of my favourite photos I’ve shot in 2008. A friend was meant to have a ticket, but didn’t. It was only due to the soundness of one of the door staff I managed to get in at all after arriving late from Dublin.

I wasn’t really even thinking about taking gig shots before hand, I just bring a camera nearly everywhere. I wasn’t even in Galway for Crystal Castles. I had hardly heard of them before hand, but they turned out to be good.

Although I’m still debating the subject (with my self, really), this shot has lead me to think the infra-red / night mode on my Sony H9 isn’t just a gimmick. There’s some other interisting, but mainly just fun shots in my Crystal Castles set on flickr. The above was taken zoomed in while standing towards the back of the room, a bit before columns get in the way.

Other shots taken in IR include: Upstairs on a Dublin Bus double decker bus, my local take away’s sign, the Ambience Affair (a friend’s band), ‘Cape Wrath’ on Four on Demand on my laptop, spying on George Orwell, my bed on a sleeper train which brought me from Warsaw to Bucharest, a few photos in a near pitch dark art instluation a Berlin, one just outside the same, a hallway in pitch darkness, O’Connell Bridge out of focus at night, and ‘happy Holloween’ written on a window (a shot I would have never got otherwise and the IR adds a nice effect).

I’ve went to see a lot more single gigs this year compared to 2006/7 (as apposed to EP etc, which I did not go to this year). I though I’d go to a lot more but when moving up to Dublin, but that didn’t happen at first.

Lay Lady, Lay

To me, the video below is quite strange (mainly due to being a Gemma Hayes fan), but I like this version of the song better than Dylan’s (not only due to being a fan of Hayes)…

[Yes, the comma in the headline is completely incorrect compared to the song title]


Haven’t yet listened much to their other songs, but I’m loving ‘December’ by the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. You can hear it on their Myspace page.

In other breaking news, I’m less sick today. Sometimes maybe it does just takes rest and sleep. So, I’m loving the song, but the month December and all its sickness, I’d prefer to skip. Anyway, have 2,000 words to write…