Story telling with a difference

From over the weekend, some story telling with a diffrence:

David OReilly’s animation short ‘Please Say Something’ (via Graham Linehan). Described a “A troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. Winner of the Golden Bear for best short film at the 2009 Berlinale”.

The other — and I’m not sure which is the strangest — was ‘My Milk Toof’ (via The story of two teeth-looking creatures told using photographs and text on a Blogspot blog.

Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me)

Photo blogging catch up (part 2)

Part three of the photo round-up, click on any photo to see the flickr pages for these.

Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me)

Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me) — I failed at getting a decent quality photo of this guy. It’s a bit poor blaming my camera, but it being poor indoors is why my sister gave it to me as a hand-me-down.

A Dublin Bus hit these bikes...

A bus hit these bikes


dead ducks in the farmers’ market in Temple Bar



The Irish Times

Irish Times sign after it was revamped and installed on their new building

FEES PROTEST: Outside the Dail

First students’ fees protest last year.

FEES PROTEST: "Down with this sort of thing"

Fees protest again. Got loads of shots that day, more here.

Dublin city cycling

Normal cycling in Dublin.

Crystal Castles @ Cuba, Galway

Posted before — Crystal Castles at a Heineken Green Spheres  gig in Cuba, Galway

PJ Gallagher @ DCU

Funny man PJ Gallagher at DCU.




Ryanair aeroplane.

look that way, no, this way

Photo blogging catch up (part 2)

Part two of the photo round-up, click on any photo to see the flickr pages for these.

look that way, no, this way

That way?

Eircom phone box

Notice of removal on an eircom phone box, I think this had past it’s date of removal. I would say as quick as they are for line installation (as is a comment complaint), but eircom have always been fast enough when I’ve called them.

Laura Whitmore

MTV presenter and ex-DCU student, Laura Whitmore, picture made it onto the cover of the College View’s arts supplement.

St Patrick's Day rowing in Dublin

Paddy’s Day rowing. Snapped walking home after not seeing the main event.

Cadbury's Creme Egg

Die Creme Egg…

Cadbury's Creme Egg


Christy Dignam, Aslan

Aslan’s Christy Dignam in DCU

Mary & Henry streets

Mary & Henry streets, with the Spire and Connolly Station in the background.

1 Heuston South Quarter

Eircom’s newish HQ at 1 Heuston South Quarter.

Famine & Byrne

A southside version of the above art was photographed and used to illustrate a few newspaper articles.

Paul Howard

Paul Howard, aka Ross O’Carroll-Kelly, giving a reading at DCU


Photo blogging catch up… err, since September

Haven’t photo blogged in ages. He’s some of my favourite shots of mine, and a bit of a round-up of the shots I’ve taken since September:


Very retro looking Tesco supermarket, but very new price cutting.


I love this, not because it’s a great shot, but because it can show what Dublin can be like without so much traffic. Temple Bar by day does something similar, but besides the overspill from the taxi rank it’s really quite in here and you’re looking out at College Green.

Dublin cycle chic

Dublin cycle chic?

Dublin Zoo, April 2009

After taking this shot in Dublin Zoo I was informed by one of my flickr contacts that a rhino had accidentally killed one of the zebras after a bit of play.

Dublin Zoo, April 2009

As if they are free? I don’t like zoos, I end up feeling sorry for the animals.  They should be on reserves where they have more room.


The writing is on the wall… no, that’s too punny, don’t write that. A lighthouse at Howth harbour.

(part of) Director

Part of Irish band Director, taken for the College View’s arts supplement.

(part of) Director

Director, again

the dogs

Dogs are so photogenic, or at least they are from a dog person’s view.

Crystal Castles @ Cuba, Galway

One of my favourite photos I’ve shot in 2008

Crystal Castles @ Cuba, Galway

The above shot of Alice Glass from Crystal Castles when they played ‘Cuba’ in Galway is one of my favourite photos I’ve shot in 2008. A friend was meant to have a ticket, but didn’t. It was only due to the soundness of one of the door staff I managed to get in at all after arriving late from Dublin.

I wasn’t really even thinking about taking gig shots before hand, I just bring a camera nearly everywhere. I wasn’t even in Galway for Crystal Castles. I had hardly heard of them before hand, but they turned out to be good.

Although I’m still debating the subject (with my self, really), this shot has lead me to think the infra-red / night mode on my Sony H9 isn’t just a gimmick. There’s some other interisting, but mainly just fun shots in my Crystal Castles set on flickr. The above was taken zoomed in while standing towards the back of the room, a bit before columns get in the way.

Other shots taken in IR include: Upstairs on a Dublin Bus double decker bus, my local take away’s sign, the Ambience Affair (a friend’s band), ‘Cape Wrath’ on Four on Demand on my laptop, spying on George Orwell, my bed on a sleeper train which brought me from Warsaw to Bucharest, a few photos in a near pitch dark art instluation a Berlin, one just outside the same, a hallway in pitch darkness, O’Connell Bridge out of focus at night, and ‘happy Holloween’ written on a window (a shot I would have never got otherwise and the IR adds a nice effect).

I’ve went to see a lot more single gigs this year compared to 2006/7 (as apposed to EP etc, which I did not go to this year). I though I’d go to a lot more but when moving up to Dublin, but that didn’t happen at first.