the true home of DCU on the web? the true home of DCU on the web?
October 2008
The College View
By Cian Ginty

On campus the Hub is a focal point for students, but on the internet its counterpart – the Student Union’s forum – isn’t the most popular talking point on web for DCU students by far.

Users of the discussion section of are probably questioning why the place is so quiet it’s probably because students have found a new home – DCU forum on

At the time of writing, on the most popular thread ‘New Life – better than the old Life?’ had just over 800 views. On the other hand, the thread ‘Communications students’ was heading for 9,400 views. The last active thread on Life was two days ago, while seven were active on of the day of writing and another five were last active the day before this piece was written.

Topics range from questions on car parking to where is the nearest bicycle shop, while there is discussion different degrees, societies, and clubs. Both students and local residents show their anger – students angry at on campus accommodation and residents at loud students.

Niall Farrell, events manager of the Sci-Fi Soc, says the site has been helpful to them getting the society restarted.

“ provided a platform for the regeneration of Strange Things, DCU’s Sci Fi Soc. All activity was initially conducted through a thread on the DCU forum, and we have recruited a significant amount of members through I’d say in the region of 30-40 percent,” he said.

Farrell also says, as a fresher, it has helped him adjust to university life: “The forum allows anyone to ask questions about campus, and meet others in their course. It provided answers to a lot of questions which, as a fresher, I would not have known otherwise. It also allowed me to contact some other people in my course before it started, which was good for getting to know people.”

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