COMMENT: Democracy, the real loser with Lisbon

COMMENT: Democracy, the real loser with Lisbon
March 07, 2008

Ireland is the only European Union state to be putting the Lisbon Treaty to its people; but it must be questioned why Europe sees nothing wrong using the back door to push through a watered-down version of the rejected EU Constitution.

The text for the proposed constitution for Europe said citizens would have been “directly represented” in the European Parliament and represented at the European Council a less directly.

“Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union,” the text read, and it went on to say the “will of citizens of the Union” should be taken into account. The document not only talks of democracy in lose terms, it adds the workings of the Union should be democracy and every citizen “shall have the right to participate”.

The EU constitution would have enshrined the idea and ideals of a democracy system. Therefore, it should not be a leap of faith to expect its follow up to be introduced in the most democratic way – putting the question to all the “citizens of the Union”.

Why then are the democrats of Europe passing the constitution’s predecessor through the back door?

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