Confusion over funding of Mortimer’s campaign

Confusion over funding of Mortimer’s campaign
April 2009
College View
By Maeve Feehan & Cian Ginty

An expenses receipt with the name of the GAA Academy director was handed in by the unsuccessful SU presidential candidate and DCU footballer, Conor Mortimer, the College View can reveal.

This newspaper has seen a copy of the receipt, which was handed into the electoral committee for the SU elections. On the Campus Print receipt for €135, the name field is marked “Declan Brennan” and department written as “DCU GAA”.

Declan Brennan, director of the GAA Academy, said he and the academy had nothing to do with Mortimer’s campaign. He said: “I had nothing to do with Mortimer’s campaign at all and the GAA Academy most certainly did not pay for his posters. I never signed anything and have no idea what receipts you’re talking about so be careful what you say.”

However, those involved in Mortimer’s campaign gave contradictory reports for why the receipt with Brennan’s name on it was submitted.

Mortimer’s campaign director, Aron Clogher, echoed Brennan in saying the GAA Academy had nothing to do with the funding of the election spend. However, Mortimer told another version of the events to the College View.

“Well you see that was just a case that I didn’t have the cash in my own back pocket at the time,” Mortimer commented in a phone interview last Friday when asked why the GAA Academy were named on the receipt he handed in.

Clogher said: “Both Declan Brennan and the academy had nothing to do with Mortimer’s campaign at all. He paid for everything himself including his posters.”

He added that the mix up may have been an error due to the same person organising the printing for the campaign and the GAA Ball on the same day. However, in a follow-up phone call, he could not confirm if this was the case, but said: “That may be the situation, that was my thoughts on it. I’m not saying that’s what happened.”

With regards to playing football, Mortimer said it did not influence his decision to run. He said: “I just really wanted to stay in DCU another year. I wanted to do something positive and bring a bit of change to the college. You know, improve the social aspect.”

Asked if he was disappointed in not winning, Mortimer commented: “Yeah. I mean, I’m not upset or anything. You have to park these things and move on. We came into it fair late, just the Friday before. Sure, I gave it a go.”

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