EDITORIAL: College spirit

EDITORIAL: College spirit
The Ballyfermot Post
December 14, 2007

As outlined in our interview with the head of the student union, the lack of college spirit, or sense of community at Ballyfermot college is something that needs attention.

The fact that BCFE is a small college focused on largely on media, art, and other creative industries should help matters. But that does not seem to be the case. If anything, physical separation of the Arts Department and the main buildings is a hindrance.

With a small student population, niche groups could possibly have a harder time finding a critical mass to sustain them selves.

Not only does the college lack the societies of larger third level institutions, it also lacks one of the main centres of Irish society – like it or not – the pub. In this case, a student union bar.

The closest thing to an SU bar we have is Chasers, the nearest pub to the college. It is, however, ignored by most students.

The social nights held in the city centre are one of the most positive initiatives to help a sense of community. However, they are also too far apart and too little to solve the overall problems.

As the head of the student union suggested, students need to be at the forefront of any improvements. But many students only spend two years at BCFE, so more long-term planning is also needed.

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