Far right-wing group targets students

Far right-wing group targets students
Apr 25th, 2008
By Alan Conway, with extra reporting by Cian Ginty

Ballyfermot college has distanced it self from Immigration Control Platform (ICP) after a promotional card for the far right group was posted on the multicultural notice board in the college.

One of BCFE’s deputy principals, Diarmuid O’Brien, told this publication the college “has no role to play in immigration”.

ICP have previously called for Ireland’s withdrawal from the Geneva Convention’s protection of refugees.

Contacted about the placement of their card — which asks, “are you concerned about immigration?” — on the notice board, ICP founder Aine Ni Chonaill said “I have no idea who put up the card. All our members were given a few for distribution as they saw fit.”

“We are addressing ourselves to every Irish resident. No particular focus on BCFE” she added.

Ni Chonaill said: “If international students read it they may realise that remaining after their studies is not generally welcomed by many Irish people, except in very limited circumstances… They may think twice about overstaying”.

However, signs of any real support for ICP is low. According to the Irish Times, the ICP’s candidates in last year’s general elections one managed to gain 804 first preference votes in Cork South Central, 239 in Dublin Central, and 286 in Dublin North. Their failure compares to single-issue health candidates who have previously gained seats.

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