First Irish games rental service launches

First Irish games rental service launches
by Cian Ginty

GameSenders, operating from, has just launched as Ireland’s first online games rental service.

Currently with just one employee, the Clonmel-based small company with big ambitions is looking to take a bite out of the Irish games rental market.

“With regard to renting from GameSenders compared to real world, well, the obvious advantage is overheads and the savings acquired can be passed to my members through cheaper rentals,” claims Neil Jones, who describes himself as the CEO, CFO, VP, chairman, GM and all-round dogsbody of GameSenders.

The online rental firm says it is the only Irish company renting games for the Nintedo Wii and DS consoles, and claims that it has Ireland’s largest selection of games on next generation consoles.

Talking to ENN, Jones said, “members of the service pay a set monthly fee and this is all they pay, there is no hidden fees or contracts to worry about. Initially I will hold a stock of games that I feel will be in demand; however, it will be the wish list of each member that will dictate future releases to be presented for rental.”

The rental service comes at three monthly pricing levels – ‘bronze’ with one game at a time and a max of two per month at EUR14.99; ‘silver’, also one game at a time but unlimited rentals per month at EUR18.99; and ‘gold’, which introduces the option of two games at a time at EUR24.99.

The GameSenders catalogue currently includes games for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s DS and Wii.

Jones, who says he is an avid gamer, feels that the new service will fill a gap in the market by delivering games directly to users’ doors at reasonable pricing.

“I’m fortunate to have a professional group of backers who are committed to the success of GameSenders through financial, accounting and marketing support. To date I have used a ‘brass neck’ attitude in supply and storage negotiations setting the business up, and have been pretty successful. Right now the time has come to take things to the next level.”

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