Report shows ‘notable delays’ on Ballymun Road

Report shows ‘notable delays’ on Ballymun Road
February 2009
The College View
Cian Ginty

A recent independent review of the Dublin Bus network confirmed what transport observers and users knew for a long time – reform is needed.

The number 4 bus, which serves DCU, was used as a sample route in the report, which showed large waiting times in the O’Connell Street area as well as notable delays on the Ballymun Road.

It says there is “a wide range of running times at ‘Ballymun Road (The Rise)’ and this is where the average wait time increases. This then becomes perpetual. As the interval widens more passengers are waiting at the stops, boarding takes longer and the bus becomes more and more delayed”.

It noted “serious traffic congestion, especially in the city centre.” In that regard, proposals that will see restrictions for motorists on Dame Street and College Green are set to go to public consultation and may lead to improved city runnings.

Some of the main points of the report on Dublin Bus included how the network is too complex with too many variants of routes, timetables are complicated, that there is often a “bunching” of buses, how paying in cash holds up buses, and that the bus lane network is incomplete.

It points out that the subvention paid to the company by the government is “relatively low when compared to comparable operations in other countries.”

Dublin Bus gets funding which amounts to only 29% of total revenue, compared to 68% in Brussels, 67% in Zurich, 62% in Amsterdam, 79% in Lyon and 38.5% in London.

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