unlimited cinema!

Unlimited cinema!

unlimited cinema!

Signed up for a cineworld unlimited card recently. Unlimited films for €20 a month. Going to see three films a month covers the cost. Should have signed up a long time ago.

You have to subscribe for the year, and I was told you can only buy one ticket at a time (I’m guessing to stop you from sneeking a second person past the first ticket check). The only real downfall is you have to queue on the day of the screening and can’t use the online or phone advance booking systems. But you can arrive earlier in the day and book a ticket for a later showing.

You’ll end up paying extra for, say, getting to see Batman on the opening night. As long as you go to four films or more a month it’s still well worth it. Their bet is most people who sign up don’t go to more than four, as I will.

You can sign up in your local cineworld (ie the only on Parnell Street in Dublin if you live in Ireland) or at unlimitedcineworld.com.

Other downfalls I would add is likely less use of my IFI membership (but then again the free ticket which comes with that nearly pays for the cost).

It’s strange lining up and not paying, just handing the card in and knowing it not a credit card. If it was music and not film, you’d expect somebody to jump at you and shout “Stop! Think about the children! You’re stealing! It is a crime! You’re a criminal!”  Oh, wait. The film industry are the ones with silly notices on films you pay for, the silly warning you can’t skip on legit copies.

Now, has anybody else noticed a large increase in the numbers of people at the cinema lately or are my unhealthy amount of visits messing with my perception?