Conflict of interest?

What does Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan, Anglo Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, the National Treasury Management Agency, and the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) have in common? Law firm Arthur Cox. Interisting comment articles in The Irish Times yesterday, ‘Power of one’ and ‘Choice of Nama’s legal advisers poses difficult questions.’

From the latter, these are brilliant paragraphs:

Presumably, Cox will rely on the normal practice of seeking the consent of clients and setting up “Chinese walls” between the different parts of the firm dealing with the various clients.

You can’t helping thinking that by the time the Nama process is over, there will be so many “Chinese walls” at Cox’s head office that they will, like their namesake, be visible from space. And that is not to mention the “Chinese walls” that some of the Cox’s lawyers will have to erect in their own heads.