Photo blogging catch up… err, since September

Haven’t photo blogged in ages. He’s some of my favourite shots of mine, and a bit of a round-up of the shots I’ve taken since September:


Very retro looking Tesco supermarket, but very new price cutting.


I love this, not because it’s a great shot, but because it can show what Dublin can be like without so much traffic. Temple Bar by day does something similar, but besides the overspill from the taxi rank it’s really quite in here and you’re looking out at College Green.

Dublin cycle chic

Dublin cycle chic?

Dublin Zoo, April 2009

After taking this shot in Dublin Zoo I was informed by one of my flickr contacts that a rhino had accidentally killed one of the zebras after a bit of play.

Dublin Zoo, April 2009

As if they are free? I don’t like zoos, I end up feeling sorry for the animals.  They should be on reserves where they have more room.


The writing is on the wall… no, that’s too punny, don’t write that. A lighthouse at Howth harbour.

(part of) Director

Part of Irish band Director, taken for the College View’s arts supplement.

(part of) Director

Director, again

the dogs

Dogs are so photogenic, or at least they are from a dog person’s view.