Never learning lessons

(Via Memex) From the Register comes some good comment Dell and Limerick, even if some of it has probably been mentioned already.

But these lessons are not new for Ireland. The scale is new. But in a way it’s not. It might be argued that the equivalent of the affect of Dell leaving Limerick has been seen in small and large towns across Ireland. Our boom years, if anything, allowed the normal mantra of not learning lessons to go widely unnoticed.

Elsewhere, while I’m not quite sure how correct he is, Bernie Goldbach talks of a possibly “entrepreneurial culture” which might grow out of the closure. He says:

Many editors fail to point to the start-up culture engendered by large businesses and that’s true in Dell’s case as well. I believe a nascent entrepreneurial culture sits in the remnants of Dell’s closure

In the post before this Goldbach talks of the importance of support for start-ups, and what he says here is more true now when banks are apparently slow to lend.